Or Atid's Jewish Learning Lab

Our Philosophy

We offer an enriching educational experience for children, called the Jewish Learning Lab (grades K-7). Mutual respect among students and staff is a priority and nurturing each student's Jewish growth and positive identity is our ultimate goal. The program is sensitive to the unique qualities of each child, and encourages open and collaborative relationships between parents and teachers. 

Or Atid and Hebrew College in partnership!

This partnership is a breakthrough in Children's Jewish Education and the first of its kind in the Metrowest and Greater Boston areas.  Hebrew College will provide outstanding faculty and support, working in collaboration with the education staff at the Jewish Learning Lab.  Through creativity and fun, combined with exceptional academic programming , students are motivated to learn, question, and do.

Our Curriculum

We strive to help our children develop a strong and proud Jewish identity for themselves, their families and their community and feel comfortable in synagogue and at home as Jews. Students participate in community service and gain a sense of communal worship and familiarity with the blessings, prayers, and songs included in worship services. They also learn to read and write Hebrew and acquire the skills necessary to become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. In addition, our children learn the history of the Jewish people relevant to their contemporary lives; gain an understanding of the centrality of ethical behavior to a Jewish life and develop a relationship with Israel.

Hebrew school schedule for 2017-2018/5777

Our Hebrew school offers the following Weekday/Sunday schedule (for full calendar go here).


Grades K & 1: For children ages 3,4 and 5.  A warm and caring environment for kids to express their creativity and have fun. Attend 2 Sundays (9:30am-12:00pm) and 1 Shabbat (Sat.) per month*.

Grades 2&3,4&5, 6: Meets every Wednesday (4-6pm), two Sundays (9:30am-12:00pm) and 1 Shabbat (Sat.) per month*

Grade 7: Meets every Wednesday (4-6pm) per month and students attend Shabbat services on a regular basis.

*Please note that there are no Sunday classes on the same weekend as the Shabbat activities/classes. Our Shabbat program is called "Shabbat b'Yahad" where students engage in activities and fun projects that reflect different aspects of Jewish life. For more on Shabbat b'Yahad, click here.

Registration open for enrollment!

There is no requirment for synagogue membership or prior affiliation!  Simply go here and register!  For any questions, email Rabbi Finestone.

Extra support available 

Hebrew Specialist

In addition to the regular staff of Hebrew school teachers, we also have a Hebrew Specialist who is available during all school hours to work with students who need extra support in reading Hebrew.  Students may need some temporary one-on-one attention to reinforce knowledge of letters and vowels, to increase fluency in reading words and prayers, or to catch up to classroom peers due to a prolonged absence.

Special Education Consultant

Congregation Or Atid is a member of the Sudbury Valley Jewish Special Education Initiative which gives us access to a Special Education Consultant and Special Education Tutor who help to ensure that we are providing the best learning environment for each student.  These professional staff members support our teachers, aides and individual students which enables us to provide an inclusion setting in the classroom.     

Community service

In keeping with our philosophy of acts of loving-kindness and repairing the world, the religious school provides a variety of community-based service projects for each grade. These have ranged from visits and donations to Buddy Dog, a local animal shelter, to leading Shabbat services for elderly Jewish residents at an assisted living facility.

Kindergarten and first grade now open to non-members!

Non-member children are invited to enroll and try our outstanding Kindergarten and Kitah Alef (first grade) classes. Children experience our engaging Hebrew school curriculum and enjoy music, dance and arts and crafts taught by our exceptional staff.  

To learn more about our school or this opportunity, contact Rabbi Sally Finestone at [email protected]. 

Social Action

Family Promise - Hosting Homeless Families

Or Atid joins forces with Peace Lutheran to host homeless families for two weeks, twice during the year. Next session March 11 to 25. Click "More" for details.

Community Cooks!

Upcoming dates: March 18, April 8 Help cook and deliver a meal for Bristol Lodge Women's Shelter, Waltham. 

Patient Navigator Service

With JFS of Metrowest, this free service helps Jewish and other frail older adults living in Metrowest get to and navigate their medical appointments. 

Bristol Lodge

Upcoming dates: March 4 Help set up, clean up and serve a meal to homeless people at this Waltham soup kitchen. Great opportunity for children ages 8 and up and adults. Choose a Sunday. 


Adult Education

Find out more about our upcoming classes!